Toby Creek trip frequently asked questions

Do I need to know how to swim?
You should be comfortable around water but don’t need to be a swimmer to go rafting with  Kootenay River Runners. Our life jackets are very buoyant and will keep you afloat.

Will I fall out?
There is a possibility of falling out while rafting,but it’s very unlikely on the Toby. We have ropes down the center and around the raft to hold on to, and the rafting guides will tell you when you need to hold on. You will also have a detailed safety talk before you get into the boat.

What class are the rapids?
Rapids are rated from Class One (moving water) to Class Six (waterfalls). The Toby Creek white water rapids are 25% Class One, 50% Class Two, 25% Class Three.

What qualifications do the guides have?
All of our guides are professional River Guides. They go through rigorous training and testing before they are allowed to Guide. Many of our rafting guides travel to Southern Countries like Mexico and Australia and raft there in the winter. The are all certified in Wilderness first aid and Swift Water Rescue.

Is rafting dangerous?
Rafting is an Adventure Activity which means that there is always a degree of risk. 

How Long is the Trip?
On the Toby the total trip time is about two hours, and an hour of that is rafting time.

Can my kids come along?
Children seem to have more fun rafting on our trips than anybody but as water levels change so does our minimum age for rafting. The Toby Creek is a great first time rafting experience for kids 8 years and older. Children also need to be a minimum of 50lbs to participate. (If your child does not meet these requirements then we highly recommend rafting the Kootenay River, which is great for kids five years and older.)

Is the water cold?
The short answer….yes! Toby Creek is a Glacial Fed river. This means it is always cold, no matter what time of year it is. But we will give all the gear you need to enjoy your time on the river including a 4ml wetsuit, neoprene shoes, and of course your helmet and Life Jacket. All of these things will help to keep you warm on the river and get the most out of your whitewater rafting trip.

How may people are in the rafts?
Our boats are rated for 10 rafters plus the guide.  We try to keep our boats light so on most days there are 8 rafters and the guide.

Will my group be rafting in the same boat?
Although we cannot guarantee that you will all be in the same raft we will do our best to make sure you are.  

Do you have group discounts?
Kootenay River Runners will give a 10% group discount for 8 rafters or more. The group must be pre-paid on one credit card to get the discount.

What size do your wetsuits go up to?
We have wetsuits up to XXXL. There is a maximum weight restriction of 300lbs for all of our trips.