KRR Trip Packages / Custom River Trips

Planning a birthday party, family reunion, corporate retreat/team building, bachelor or bachelorette party? Looking for ideas for your group's annual getaway?

A custom river rafting trip with KRR is an excellent way to bring together friends, family and associates alike. Through superior attention to customer needs KRR will provide a personal and professional adventure tailored to your specific needs...

We will customize your white water adventure to your specific group needs. Whether you are looking for a fun filled rafting trip on the Kootenay River or Toby Creek, or a high-adventure, adrenalin pumping, white water rafting challenge on the Kicking Horse River, KRR looks forward to helping you plan your rafting adventure!

Happy Birthday!

Want to spend your birthday charging through rapids on one of the Kootenay's most amazing rivers - the Kicking Horse River? We thought so! All you need to do is get a group of friends together and we will plan the best birthday party you have ever had.


Lots of time enjoying the white water and celebrating with your friends and family, crashing through invigorating rapids and celebrating with a cake at your riverside lunch.

Don't Forget

Make sure you tell our Reservation Specialist about your birthday well in advance. We like to make it as special as we can - whether it means baking a birthday cake, or making sure our River Guides know to spoil you - so remember to tell us when you are booking your special day!

Just imagine... no one has to cook, no one has to clean up, and no one has to talk to weird Aunt Bea!

It'll be a splashing success!

Kids Birthday Parties

Want an action-packed, fun, Birthday Party in the middle of nature's wonderland? Can't think of what to possibly do to keep the kids entertained?

Experienced guides with a passion for the outdoors will take you down the Kootenay River. Your adventure guide will greet you on arrival, give the you and the kids instruction on river safety, and explain all of the excitement of the day!


Soon you will be able to click here to print your Rafting Adventure River Signs (invitations) that are sure to inspire your guests to sign up now for your birthday adventure!


After completing their rafting adventure, your children and their best friends are bound to have boulder-sized appetites. To satisfy them you can either bring their cake with you, or we'll gladly work with you to ensure the perfect cake is ready for the taking!

The birthday girl or boy rafts for free!

Party Pointers

Make a Rafting Adventure River Sign (a bigger version of the party invitation) and put it in your vehicle to let your child's guests know they're heading into Adventure Land!

I Survived My 1st River Rafting Experience Souvenirs

Pop by our office to purchase some cool t-shirts or baseball caps. You could even send the party adventurers home with them!

We are obsessive about ensuring that our birthday parties go exactly as planned and that birthday child has an amazing time! We know the value of creating happy memories.

We hope this will be your best Birthday Party ever!

Take the Plunge! It's a Right of Passage!

Paddle, smile, scream, dart, and hold on! Join us for an entire day of white water rafting with a group of your closest friends. Take in spectacular views (and not just of your special someone) while you raft top-rated, class 4 rapids under the guidance of our Lead Guides. Our River Guides and unparalleled rapids make this rafting experience second-to-none.

We want you to enjoy the trip of your lifetime! Well, ok, the second best trip of your lifetime - we get that your trip down the aisle may be slightly better!

Bride or Groom... be our guest. Raft for free!

KRR has a solution for all your Corporate Event and Hospitality needs, from:

- Client Hospitality, Networking and Relationship building events,
- Team Building,
- Staff Incentives and Family Fun Days,
- Social Events

Peak Performance

Brave the rapids for a rush that makes the daily grind seem like its miles away!

It's also a great way to reward your clients or executives with a corporate team building program that does more than just entertain!

Think Big! It's the ultimate team building experience...


This isn't your typical team building exercise or company function! KRR revolutionizes corporate activities! We believe that the outdoors provide the best environment for corporate events.

Our exciting white water adventures create an environment where communication, cooperation and creative thinking flourish, in a fun way that is tailored to your company's style and needs. The ability to communicate with each other and respond to fast changing river conditions and rapids is crucial. It is here that team dynamics and strategy are as important as the individual rafter's capability. Your employees won't even notice the team building skills they learned in the process, but you will.

Your team will build new strengths, develop powerful and effective communication strategies, solidify and improve leadership skills, and be inspired. You'll improve manager and employee communications while boosting employee morale and company loyalty.